Candidate Profile: Cathy McLeod

By: Jessica Wallace / Kamloops This Week

September 19, 2019

Asked why she is seeking a fourth term as Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo MP, Conservative candidate Cathy McLeod cites unfinished local initiatives and concerns about the direction of the country under Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government.

McLeod wants the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project completed and an agricultural research centre in Brocklehurst — shuttered under Stephen Harper’s Conservative government — reopened.

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Andrew Scheer to invest $1.5 billion to replace and purchase new MRI and CT machines

Investment will reduce wait times for potentially life-saving scans

A new Conservative government will invest $1.5 billion in its first term to purchase MRI machines and CT machines to replace aging equipment and add machines across the country, reducing wait times for potentially life-saving tests for Canadians, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer announced today.

“Hundreds of thousands of Canadians wait longer than the recommended time for an MRI or a CT scan. That is just not good enough”, said Scheer. “This investment will help our health care providers to deliver quality services with the most up-to-date technology, giving patients quicker access to reliable, potentially life-saving tests.”

Justin Trudeau’s never-ending deficits and out-of-control spending have put Canada on track to hit $1 trillion in debt by 2035. If Trudeau is given four more years, his debt and never-ending deficits will threaten our ability to deliver quality public services like health and social programs.

A new Conservative government will live within its means to protect health care in the long term. As written in a letter to all Premiers in August 2019, as Prime Minister, Andrew Scheer will maintain and increase the current funding formula for the Canada Health Transfer and the Canada Social Transfer.

“Canadians need a government that understands that balancing the budget is the best way to maintain the services that they rely on the most, including health care,” Scheer said. “Canada’s Conservatives will give you more help for your health, so you can get ahead.”


  • Justin Trudeau said he would balance the budget by 2019. Instead, he has raised taxes, imposed a carbon tax, and his massive overspending now puts health and social programs at risk.
  • According to a recent report by the Conference Board of Canada, Canada’s stock of MRI and CT machines is aging, supply is not keeping up with demand, and wait times for these important diagnostic tests exceed the wait-time recommendations from the Canadian Association of Radiologists.
  • By upgrading and increasing available medical imaging equipment, Canadians will have better, faster access to quality tests. Getting earlier access to a test could mean an earlier diagnosis for the patient.
  • In addition to improving wait times, this investment will also give provincial governments some additional spending flexibility, as the federal government would pick up the bill for replacing out-of-date imaging equipment that the provinces would likely have to replace.
  • Demand for medical imaging tests is only expected to increase as our population ages.



Independent Parliamentary Budget Officer Costing

Andrew Scheer will give more support to seniors

Increase the Age Credit to help our seniors get ahead

Today, Andrew Scheer, the Leader of Canada’s Conservatives, announced that a new Conservative government will increase the Age Credit by $1,000. This measure is part of the Conservative plan to put more money in the pockets of all Canadians to help them get ahead.

“The increase will benefit seniors with low or medium incomes most,” said Scheer. “Many seniors live on a fixed income and they are at the mercy of governments like Justin Trudeau’s, which has increased the cost of living and the price of everyday essentials.”

Since the Age Credit is income-tested, it will benefit low to middle income seniors.  With this measure, an individual aged 65 could receive up to $150 more per year and a couple could receive up to $300 more per year.

“Our commitment is clear: it’s time for you to get ahead. This $300 tax relief for senior couples is on top of our Universal Tax Cut for all Canadians. We will also eliminate the GST from home heating costs and introduce the Green Public Transit Tax Credit. Seniors will benefit from all those tax cuts and file a single tax return in Québec, as we committed to do,” concluded Mr. Scheer.

This increase will be the third of its kind made by a Conservative government. In 2006, and again in 2009, Canada’s Conservatives increased the Age Tax Credit by $1,000.

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– Independent Parliamentary Budget Officer Costing

Justin Trudeau on seniors: Not as advertised

Trudeau still hasn’t delivered on key promises for seniors he made in 2015

Justin Trudeau is planning to raise taxes on Canadian seniors and he still hasn’t delivered on key promises he made to seniors during the 2015 election.

Trudeau has raised taxes on seniors by hiking CPP premiums, cancelled tax relief for seniors that use public transportation, and will add 31 cents per litre to the price of gasoline.

He’s raised taxes all while failing to introduce the senior’s price index which has put even more financial pressure on Canadian seniors.

Unlike Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer has a plan to put more than $700 back in the pocket of seniors by reducing income taxes on pensions, taking GST off home heating, and cancelling the carbon tax.

Trudeau is making promises to seniors now because he needs your vote. But just like in 2015 he will break his promises because he is not as advertised.

Only an Andrew Scheer government can be trusted to stand up for seniors and help you get ahead.


That’s not even including the carbon tax, which will cost households (N.B. not individuals):

  • In Ontario, the five-fold increase to the carbon tax would cost you $1,151.
  • In New Brunswick, the five-fold increase to the carbon tax would cost you $959.
  • In Manitoba, the five-fold increase to the carbon tax would cost you $1,116.
  • In Saskatchewan, the five-fold increase to the carbon tax would cost you $1,930.
  • In Alberta, the five-fold increase to the carbon tax would cost you $2,002.

Scheer to cancel $1.5B in corporate welfare, redirect savings to Canadians

Conservatives to review and eliminate taxpayer handouts to wealthy executives, shareholders, and foreign companies

A new Conservative government will cancel hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate welfare handouts to wealthy executives, shareholders, and foreign companies and instead put that money in Canadians’ pockets so they can get ahead, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer announced today.

Scheer said a new Conservative government will conduct a review of all business subsidy programs in order to eliminate $1.5 billion in corporate handouts that don’t create jobs and support economic growth in Canada.

Those savings would instead go towards new measures to help hard-working Canadians.

“Under Justin Trudeau, Canada’s wealthiest and most politically connected have received billions of dollars from Canadian taxpayers, who are working harder than ever and just not getting ahead,” Scheer said. “I will put an end to handouts to wealthy executives, shareholders, and foreign companies and instead put that money in Canadians’ pockets so they can get ahead.”

A new Conservative government will also review innovation programs to ensure that they are supporting Canadian companies with patents, technologies, and economic benefits that remain in Canada. Conservatives believe that government support should help Canadians by creating jobs and opportunities.

Conservatives will make sure that funds spent on research and development will benefit Canadian companies, so that the intellectual property, technology, and resulting profits will benefit Canadians.

Conservatives will also strengthen regional development agencies and mandate them to focus on economic development, small- and medium-enterprises, and community-based projects.

“Hard-working Canadians are rightly offended when they see their tax dollars going to further the interests of the wealthy and well-connected friends while Justin Trudeau makes them pay more for gasoline, groceries, and home heating,” Scheer said. “That’s why I’ll get rid of these unfair handouts and use those savings to help Canadians get ahead.”

As Prime Minister, Andrew Scheer will:

  • Cancel Trudeau’s Carbon Tax
  • Remove GST from home heating, saving households $107
  • Make maternity benefits tax-free, providing up to $4,000 in tax savings
  • Bring in a Green Public Transit Tax Credit, saving families hundreds – potentially thousands – of dollars
  • Bring in the Universal Tax Cut, saving a working couple $850
  • Bring in the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit, saving parents up to $150
  • Bring in the Children’s Arts and Learning Tax Credit, saving parents up to $75
  • Boost the RESP, giving parents hundreds more for their children’s education


Andrew Scheer announces plan to boost the RESP

A new Conservative government will expand RESP so parents can get more for their kid’s education

A new Conservative government will boost the Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), putting more money in the pockets of hard-working Canadian parents trying to save for their children’s education, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer announced today.

Under the Conservative planthe government’s contribution to an RESP will rise from 20 per cent to 30 per cent for every dollar invested up to $2,500 a year. This change will boost the maximum annual grant from $500 to $750.

“For most parents, sending their kids to college, university, or trade school is the culmination of years of scrimping and saving,” Scheer said. “By boosting the RESP, a new Conservative government will put more money in the pockets of parents working hard to help their children get ahead.”

Under the Conservative plan:

  • A couple who begins contributing $25 a month to an RESP right after their child’s birth will receive $1,620 by age 18. That’s $540 more than they would receive currently.
  • Another couple that is able to invest $50 a month will receive $3,240 in government contributions by age 18. That’s $1,080 more than they would receive currently.
  • Low-income parents will receive 50 per cent on the first $500 they invest every year. Today, they only receive 40 per cent.

“RESPs are the most effective way parents can save for their children’s education and more and more working families are investing in RESPs every year,” added Scheer. “A new Conservative government will help you and your family get ahead. We will make sure that Canadians can give their kids a smart start.”

Universal Tax Cut - Andrew Scheer

Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives know that Canadians are paying too much in taxes. That’s why Andrew’s Universal Tax Cut will cut income taxes for every Canadian.

Cathy McLeod Kicks Off Re-Election Campaign

Kamloops, BC: Conservative Candidate Cathy McLeod is ready to run on her record of delivering for constituents of Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo and continue to help them get ahead.

“Since first elected as your Member of Parliament, I am extremely proud to have delivered on the priorities of Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo,” said Cathy McLeod. “Nearly half a billion dollars in federal funding has been invested in strengthening each community in our riding.”

“I have fought hard to address the devastating softwood mill closures and reductions, advocated for the cattle industry, protected our law-abiding firearm owners’ rights, and challenged the government on Chinese government’s ownership of local seniors’ homes,” stated McLeod.

“As this election campaign begins, we now know two disturbing details about the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal,” McLeod said. “First, that the RCMP are looking into the Liberal government for obstruction of justice, and two, that Justin Trudeau is actively trying to block them.”

Nationally, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer will be presenting a plan to put more money in your pockets and give people the opportunity to get ahead.

What are we going to do?

  • Put more money in your pocket
  • Take GST off home heating bills
  • Scrap the carbon tax
  • Make parental benefits tax-free
  • Lower personal taxes
  • Balance the budget
  • Attract better, higher-paying jobs

“I look forward to the opportunity to continue to invest in the growth of our communities and I hope that I have earned your trust to continue working hard on your behalf,” concluded Cathy McLeod. “I invite all constituents to visit our campaign offices at 249 Seymour Street in Kamloops and 250 Birch Avenue, unit 1, in 100 Mile House.”

Door Knocking in Laval - Andrew Scheer

Andrew Scheer was doorknocking in Laval and met this Liberal supporter who is very disappointed in Justin Trudeau. He hears the same thing everywhere he goes across Canada. #NotAsAdvertised

Justin Trudeau Cannot be Trusted

Four years ago, Justin Trudeau stood right here on this very spot and lied to Canadians. He said he would be different. But as the last four years have shown, Justin Trudeau is #NotAsAdvertised. Andrew Scheer has a plan to help all Canadians get ahead.

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