Justin Trudeau's failure

The last few months have been a dramatic time for Justin Trudeau's government -- but the analysis has been too narrowly focused on how this scandal will impact Trudeau's re-election campaign. Andrew Scheer is running to be the Prime Minister of Canada because this country deserves better than Trudeau's nonsense.

Trudeau has let China walk all over him

China has banned Canadian canola -- putting farmers at risk. This comes down to the way Justin Trudeau has managed foreign relations during his time in office. The verdict is not good. Candice Bergen explains more.

SHOCKING Liberals shut down the Justice Committee


What you need to know about the SNC-Lavalin scandal

Have you heard about Trudeau’s latest scandal involving SNC-Lavalin? Lisa Raitt breaks it down as quickly & clearly as she could.

Canada's 'New' fighter jets are 40 years old

Leona Alleslev, Conservative Member of Parliament, explains why Justin Trudeau's decision to buy old fighter jets from Australia is a terrible decision.

The truth about Trudeau's Carbon Tax

This carbon tax will never be effective because Canadians cannot afford it. Andrew Scheer explains.

This bailout is unacceptable

Trudeau is trying to buy off the media with a massive bailout -- in an election year. Andrew Scheer explains.


A special message from Andrew Scheer

Join the Chorus of Canadians who share our positive Conservative vision for Canada.

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The Sea King is retiring

After 465,000 operational flight hours, the Sea King is retiring. Erin O'Toole explains.

We apologize, but it's even worse than we thought

Two days ago,we shared a video about a supposed Liberal bailout of media companies. Yesterday, we've learned it's so much worse than we thought.

Peter Kent dives deep into the situation.

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