The Liberals have every advantage

Justin Trudeau has been terrible for Canada. Candice Bergen explains.

🎃 Happy Halloween 👻

Are you afraid of the Trudeau?

One year to election day

We're a year out from an election. Now is the time to get involved. Dane Lloyd Explains.

Trudeau has been terrible for Canada

James Bezan explains.


Justin Trudeau failed the Stafford family

Tony Clement explains why.

A $4.5 Billion Disaster

The Trans Mountain Pipeline is among the most expensive scandals in Canadian political history.

First Day of School

Forcing our kids to pay for Trudeau's debt is wrong.

Doug Ford Supports Andrew Scheer

Doug Ford delivers an inspiring message to everyone in our great country. 

Let's Win Together

Peter MacKay explains how we will win as a team in 2019.

I Support Andrew Scheer

Former Premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall talks about why Andrew Scheer will make a great Prime Minister.

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