Saving Local Business

Busy week!

Trudeau takes a vacation from reality on your dime, while gouging local businesses to pay for his out of control spending. Watch the latest Weekly90!

This week, on the Weekly 90, - a day in the life of Trudeau - tax payer funded holidays and raising your taxes.

Update on the latest Liberal tax grab, and our #CPC caucus meeting in Winnipeg! Check out the latest Weekly 90.

Hiking taxes on the middle class, and our #CPC caucus prepare for the fall Parliamentary session!  Tune in now.

The Liberal small business tax, and our new Conservative shadow ministers - check out the latest Weekly 90!

Higher taxes for small business owners and the new faces of the Conservative shadow cabinet.

See what Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau were up to this past week - check out the latest Weekly90!

As Andrew Scheer consults with Canadians, Justin Trudeau looks to raise taxes - again!

Busy week for Andrew Scheer, Trudeau is still selling gov't access and the quarterly #'s are in!

Andrew Scheer meets with Canadians while Justin Trudeau continues to sell access to government. Watch the latest Weekly90!

Here it is, the latest installment of the Weekly 90!

Unity in Alberta, Andrew Scheer's leadership team unveiled, and more Liberal cash for access news.

Get caught up on the week that was - here is the brand new Weekly90!

Andrew Scheer's vision for Canada, and an Omar Khadr update

Omar Khadr, Mexican criminals, and G20 loneliness, all in this week's Weekly90!

Lots to talk about this week, check it out.

We didn't leave anything out in this week's Weekly 90

From Canada Day celebrations to Khadr, it's been a busy week

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